Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.


Do you ever seem to just “know” things before they happen?  That is called claircognizance, which is some psychic stuff.  If you’re thinking ‘well, I’m definitely not a psychic,’ don’t count yourself out just yet.  We all have psychic abilities, some stronger than others, and we can tap into them at any time. We don’t know where this deep inner knowing comes from, and a lot of times it makes no sense to the analytical mind.  However, what this inner knowing is really your intuition and it is guiding you towards your Highest, Greatest path. 

A lot of people get this knowing too but they don’t trust it, especially women.  Most people look for outside validation for just about everything when all the answers are within us; they have always been within us and will continue to be within us.  It’s easy for an outsider who hasn’t personally downloaded this information to write it off as nonsense while using their analytical mind.    How many times have you had a bad feeling about someone that you couldn’t explain or put your finger on?  Your brain would tell you you’re just being crazy or you would bring something up to a boyfriend or friend and they would just gaslight you and tell you you were crazy for thinking “something so ridiculous.”  Eventually, you come to find out what you’ve been saying all along really did up being true; the bad feeling you had about a person ended up being because they actually are a bad person and your spirit picked up on that before your analytical mind could.  We can literally pick up on energy so we as women really need to stop second guessing ourselves and trust it.  Your soul is signaling messages to your body with these feelings and you need listen to it. Always!

For me personally, I always regret when I don’t listen to my intuition.  Every time I listen to “reason” over my intuition, something goes wrong or I end up feeling yucky.  It takes a lot of practice to get out of the mode of trying to make things make sense.  Our spirit sends us intuitive hits randomly out of the blue, usually when your mind is quiet, and a lot of times it is the answer to our deepest unanswered questions.  For example, in all of my meditations I would ask my Higher Self to show me what I need to do next for my Highest, Greatest good.  It would always show me a podcast.  I would write it off and be like yeah I am just making that up in my head.  Years later, after getting that hit so many times, I finally decided to act upon it and start a podcast.  It has been going great and I’ve connected with so many like-minded women.  Doing something out of my comfort zone has launched me into a different category of women who are actually doing big things, not just saying they will.  It has opened up so many amazing opportunities for me.  If I listened years ago, I can only imagine where I would be now.


I learned about your Inner Guidance System from Abraham Hicks.  It is basically a scale where you think of something and observe the feelings that it brings up in your body.  If you feel any sort of discomfort inside then your soul is telling you that this decision is going to bring you more yucky feelings like this.  It may feel scary to your analytical brain, but when you think of the feeling it will give you, it could feel freeing and exciting.  If you desire to quit your job, that can be very uncomfortable for the mind to process.  You may think of finances, security, health insurance, providing for your family, etc.  However, when you really think about what you will gain from quitting your job, you could make room for  a better job, increased freedom, better finances, more time with your family and that feeling outweighs the brain trying to protect you and keep you small.


If you have a hard time quieting your mind to receive information from your Highest Self try to do a meditation or some deep, conscious breathing for 1-2 minutes.  You can find plenty of free guided meditations on YouTube.  Deep conscious breathing is my favorite. I don’t do anything that has to do with this podcast until I have done some breath work because it clears my mind and settles my nervous system. I don’t want to project any yucky, stagnant, low-vibe energy that may be trapped inside me onto my listeners.  When you calm your nervous system and clear your mind, you become an open channel to receive divine wisdom from Spirit.  When you’re feeling low vibrational and your focus is everywhere but in the present moment, it is difficult to hear the subtle whispers of your Highest, Greatest good.


 Since I have learned about your Inner Guidance System, it has helped me get in tune with my intuition so much more.  It will not only help you make small decisions, but big important ones like the relationships to keep in your life, job decisions, etc.  Your guidance system helps keep you in alignment with your highest greatest good.  Deepak Chopra once said, “If something is not in flow then something is wrong.”  Make sure you are staying in the flow by clearing your mind to become a channel for your intuition to pass important information onto you.