You know I am all about being the best in every area of your life.  In order to really have a clear mind for you to show up as the best version of yourself, it is so important to keep your home clean and organized.  

As a woman who grew up in an extremely cluttered home, I cannot tell you how important this is for your children’s mental health.  I remember a kid coming up to me in class telling me that the whole town of Hanson, my small town in MA, talks about how the Hanson Hobo lives in my garage.  I was mortified.  I would always try to clean my kitchen spotless on my own and would beg my family “please just keep this one area clean” and it would always get messy again.  My mom would even hire a cleaning lady to come in and the house would still get messy right after.   I am not saying my family didn’t want to have a clean space, I know it was stressing everyone out and was a hot topic in the home, but I just don’t think my parents actually knew how to clean and stay organized because they were never taught. 

In college, I had a hard time keeping organized in a small space.  My poor roommate was a clean freak so God bless her for dealing with me.  After college and I moved out on my own, I did really well keeping my space clean, but I also didn’t have that much stuff.  As I became a wife and mother and started accumulating more things by living with more people, I realized that I didn’t know how to actually clean consistently or organize either, I mean how could I when clutter and a mess was all I knew. I knew how to clean but I didn’t have a system to stay clean so every weekend, most of one of my days off was chewed up with a marathon clean.  Instead of repeating the cycle, I decided to learn from some experts on how to keep my home clean, organized and clutter free all while being able to have time doing things I love and spend time with the people who matter most to me, not rubber gloves and a Scrub Daddy.

I have some incredible methods that have helped me so much that I am so excited to share in a series with you throughout the month of November.  I figured this would be a good time right before the winter to get you motivated to make some changes in your home before we all get winter cabin fever.  Think about how good it feels to finally clean out your junk drawer or to walk into a clean kitchen in the morning with a shiny, clean sink.  Imagine waking up like that everyday with minimal effort?

The first two parts of the series will be about decluttering and actual methods in how to do so.  The third part will be a cleaning routine that I learned from a professional and adopted into my own life very recently – it has quite literally changed my life, I’m extra excited for that one, it has some other principles in it that help you get ready for the day so your not being a frumpy hot mess mom.  The final installment will be all about shifting the actual energy in your home – it is going to blow your mind.


I hope you all are looking forward to this series as much as I am.  I will talk to you soon.  In the meantime, make sure you fill your cup, mama!