The key to experiencing more love in your life is to give it.

Instead of waiting on someone to finally prove you wrong and treat you like the friend or partner that you deserve, go out there and be that person for someone else.  There is a law called The Law of Attraction that suggests what you give is what you get.  If you give out positivity, you will receive positivity.  If you give love, you will receive love.

Here are some ways to sound out good vibes and intentions into The Universe:

1. Give out compliments and positive comments.

I look around every day and can find something to compliment every single person I encounter without desiring anything in return.   Tell the barista at the local coffee shop that her hair looks incredible.  Say ‘hello, I hope you have a great day’ to the old man that sits on the park bench as you’re walking your dog.  Call your mom and tell her that you’re thankful for her.

2. Tell your friends you love and appreciate them.

If you are looking to get more love from your friends, be the one who gives out that love first.  Text a friend and tell them you love them and why you appreciate them so much.  If you can’t think of something genuinely nice to say to your friend, perhaps you should stop hanging around them and make room for new high vibe people.

3.  Become the person you wish to date.

Write out a list of the qualities that you desire in a significant other.  If you write down that you desire someone who is financially stable and you’re broke as a joke, time to start fixing up your financial situation.  If you desire a man with a six pack and you haven’t been in a gym in 5 years, then you better get like Britney Spears and work, b*tch.  When you start aligning with what you desire, then you become a vibrational match to them and they will gravitate towards you.