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Fear of Success
Are you afraid of success? I am going to go out on a limb and say that most people think that they are afraid of failure, BUT what they actually fear is their own success.  Fear...
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Are you a worry wart?
😫 I can’t tell you how many YEARS of my life has been wasted on me just worrying about scenarios that never came to fruition. 😔 I always prepared myself for the worst case scenario...
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I Will Start Monday...
“I will start on Monday…” is one of the most common proclamations that is rarely fulfilled.  It doesn’t seem like a very big deal – saying that you...
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Starting A Cleaning Routine Using FlyLady's System
Do you have trouble keeping up with your home with all of your other obligations? Do you feel like you can never spontaneously have guests over? Do you have trouble creating an intentional...
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How to Declutter With Swedish Death Cleaning
The name of this method sounds very morbid and a little scary but that’s kind of the point. It is meant to wake you up to the fact of your mortality and start making better decisions...
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How To Be Content With What You Have
It’s that time of the year again… The holiday season is here and with that comes being bombarded with emails about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, seeing pictures...
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