I took a poll the other day on my Instagram story asking my followers if they are a morning bird or a night owl.  The final results were just about 45% night owl and 55% morning bird, which makes sense, just around 50/50.  Just looking in my own household, it’s 50/50, I am an early bird and my husband is a night owl.  It really worked out during the newborn stage because he would stay up till 2-3am with the baby while I woke up here and there just to pump some milk then pass TF out again, then I’d wake up at 3am feeling somewhat refreshed and ready to care for her through the morning.  Also, on the weekends, I wake up and get all the things done so we can spend time together (quality time is my love language) and he will stay up a little later at night cleaning up from the day.


Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you clicked on this blog post so I’m sure you are somewhat interested in adding in a morning routine to your life and if you already have one, maybe get some ideas to fine tune it. For the night owls, I hope this episode inspires you to get to sleep a little earlier so you can crush some things for yourself first thing in the morning and not kick yourself in the ass for waking up late and feeling discombobulated. That’s one of my favorite words, BTW. Discombobulated.  It’s so fun to say.  Anyways,  I am so excited to get started and do this work with you.  


Write down the absolute perfect morning for you.


This is the morning of your Highest Self.  For those of you who haven’t been exposed to this term, your Highest Self, is basically your soul and its deepest desires, it’s what your soul is craving so deeply.  According to Oprah Daily (by the way, I just frickin love Oprah.  When I was nursing I would watch her old shows on Youtube all day, she is truly an awakened soul, highly recommend you watch some for yourself, especially the Law of Attraction episodes), anywho, Oprah Daily saysGrasping the notion of a “higher self” can seem like a tricky exercise, a challenge better suited to meditators and spiritual gurus. But it’s not as esoteric and abstract as it seems—and the life-changing rewards in store for those who learn to access it are innumerable and invaluable.”

When I first tried this exercise, it really made me realize I needed to make a lot of changes in my life.  I wasn’t doing things that I knew my soul was craving and I was working in a job whose hours didn’t reflect how I desire to spend my day.  Write down your morning routine as if you have no boundaries or obligations at this moment.  Really use your imagination and explore what would feel like your BEST morning.  Don’t hold back at all.  Don’t think about when the kids usually wake up.  Don’t think of what time you start your current job.  Don’t let anything in your present life hold you back from exploring this deeply and completely.

Make sure you don’t leave out any little details that you desire to manifest into your morning.  Whether you believe it or not, there is a Higher Power among us that is listening to the commands you send to the universe.  If you complain about waking up late and feeling flustered every day, then you’re going to keep getting more of that.  Let the Universe, Source, God, whoever or whatever you want to call it, know exactly what you want because you’re going to get that.  Funny story about that real quick, I told my husband how I manifested him probably a few months into how we were dating and showed him this paper where I wrote down all of the qualities I desired in my soulmate and the first thing he says about it was ‘you couldn’t have made me taller?’ 

I will give you the morning routine I wrote out for my Highest Self as an example: 

I wake up at 5:00am.  I go downstairs, use the bathroom, brush my teeth and splash my face three times with cold water and put peppermint essential oils on my wrists.  I pump some spring water into my Yeti to drink and then some into my stainless steel pan and start to boil it.  Then I come sit on the couch with Ollie (my dog) to drink my water and to start journaling my thoughts and feelings.  When the water is finished boiling, I make my coffee in the french press.  I come back to the couch and finish up journaling while I drink my coffee.  After that I am done journaling, I set my intentions for the day.  Then I stand up and do my sharp arms breathwork.  After my breathwork, I light my incense, crack a window open and sit down for my visualization guided meditation.  When I finish my meditation, I open all the shades in my home to let in light, go outside and start reading until my daughter wakes up.  When she wakes up, we come downstairs for a bottle and do 10 minutes of Yoga with Adriene.  When that is complete, I do a 10 minute HIIT workout.  I then take a shower and make breakfast.  As I am getting ready for the day, Natalie eats her breakfast.  When she is finished, we head outside for our morning walk with Ollie and to play at the park.

That is how I love starting my day.  I feel so good when everything goes down like that.  Is it perfect every day?  No, but most days that’s how my actual day goes.  Your mornings and what you desire for it can always change.  Mine surely has changed from when I first started doing this practice in 2019.  If you are doing everything you outlined and it doesn’t feel good, start taking inventory and adding, removing or editing what you feel isn’t serving your highest greatest good.

Start implementing what you can

Okay, so you have written down your morning routine.  Now, look at your perfect morning and see what you can start doing now.  Once you start doing things that align with your soul’s desires, the universe will shift in ways you wouldn’t even believe.  When I first did this exercise I was working a job 7-3, however, my ideal morning routine consisted of 5am Crossfit class, shower, get ready for the day, eat breakfast, read, journal and meditate then start work at 10:00am.  I couldn’t fit all those things into my morning in that order with my current schedule.  Realizing that my Higher Self didn’t desire to work until 10:00am, I started to explore other options and look at how I could do that.  At the time, I was working my day job, then coaching tumbling private lessons on the side.  There were so many employees at that gym that coached full time and at this time in my life, that was my passion.  I talked to the owners to see what we could work out.  I was terrified of taking a paycut or something, but because I worked a lot for myself, I enjoyed it and realized I could take on more clients with the time I had opened up.  On the days I worked mornings, guess what time I started?  It was a preschool gymnastics class that started at 10:00am.  Guys, never in my life could you have told me I would have done something like that.  Everyone thought I was nuts quitting my “safe” job and going back to the job I did when I was like 16, but it ended up working out better than I could have ever imagined and it seriously started with getting clear about what I truly desired for my day to look like.

After I took that leap and started having the mornings that I desired, I started manifesting things like crazy.  I was in such a high vibrational state of joy and happiness that I was a magnet for amazing opportunities and experiences.

So if you write down that you wake up and meditate, then wake up and start meditating.  Even if it is just for 5 minutes.  If you write down that you wake up and go to the gym, then start waking up and going to the gym.  If you’re a stay at home mom and you desire to wake up and go to the gym but right now your husband leaves for work at 4:00am (my life lol) then wake up and do a workout at home.  Do something that puts you on the path to fulfill your Higher Selves desires.


Now, do the frickin’ work.


It’s nice to listen to podcasts and get some inspo but seriously guys, get out a pen and some paper and start writing out the kind of morning your soul desires.  This is so important.  And if you’re really feeling it, write out your whole day!  See where in your life isn’t aligning with your highest greatest good that your soul craves.  My intention is everyone who hears this podcast today to really connects deeply with it and does this work.  It is so important to take inventory of your life.  We can get stuck in a hypnotic rhythm of our daily tasks and routines that are on autopilot that we can’t really pinpoint why exactly we’re not feeling joyful or fulfilled.  Doing this exercise will really help you look at your life and snap out of that hypnotic rhythm so you can start making some changes that will truly change your life.

I am wicked passionate (yeah, I said wicked, if you haven’t heard my voice on my podcast by now, you’re missing out on a pretty sweet Boston accent) about looking into your life and making edits to it because we literally create our own life. It’s important to become aware of this so you’re creating on purpose.  If you are just running on autopilot and don’t have a clear direction of where you are going in life, you will be creating life by default.  Start to get intentional about the unfolding of your life.



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