😫 I can’t tell you how many YEARS of my life has been wasted on me just worrying about scenarios that never came to fruition.

πŸ˜” I always prepared myself for the worst case scenario because of childhood trauma planted in my subconscious mind. My mind and body loves to bring me back to the place where I felt out of my control. The mind and body loves to keep us safe. By playing out every situation, I feel as though I would be protected in some way because I wouldn’t be blindsided by ANYTHING ever again.

πŸ˜‘ Turns out, I was just wasting years of my life worrying about things that will probably + never did happen.

❣ Can you relate?

Since taking off on my personal growth journey six years ago, I have learned the importance of choosing ✨joyful, positive ✨ thoughts.

πŸ€”It all starts with becoming aware of your thoughts, listening to them without judgement and understanding that thoughts are NOT real. They are just thoughts.

πŸ“ŒWhen a thought that doesn’t make you feel good arises, recognize it, then rewire it to a more positive thought. Watch your life shift.

πŸŽ™If you desire a taste of what this joyful freedom from your mind feels like, head on over to where you consume podcasts and listen to Ep # 26 on the Mindset Mama podcast: Have the ~best day ever~

I’m rooting for youπŸ’«